Paint Out Cancer


Paint Out Cancer this October to raise awareness for cancer and funds to provide cancer patients items such as complimentary cream to relieve irritation from treatments, equipment to localize cancer during a lumpectomy, and body size vac-loc bags to provide comfortable positioning for patients during treatments. The American Cancer Society estimates that 2,180 Oklahomans will die from lung cancer and 560 women will die from breast cancer this year alone.

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Save the Date for our Events:

Throughout the month there will be events to participate and support the campaign. Each event is limited, buy your tickets today.

10/24/21 Pinot’s Palette Paint it Forward

Bring a group of friends or family and help Paint Out Cancer. This paint it forward fundraiser in support of the campaign is sponsored by Pinot’s Palette Norman and will offer two painting sessions to select from. Book your spot today.

Guilded Mountains 3:00 - 5:00 pm

Autumn's Heirlooms 6:00 - 8:00 pm

10/27/21 Witches Night Out – Presented by Aria Real Estate Group

A fun ladies night out to wrap up the Paint Out Cancer campaign. Get into your best witches costume, dust off your broom, throw on your best witches hat and join us for a night with your girlfriends. Event is limited to 100 tickets.

If you would like more information, please contact Trish Crow at

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