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Transforming Students

Your donations provide scholarships for the best and brightest upcoming professionals. Our scholarship program invests in these deserving students with the hope that they continue to serve our local community. By providing scholarships, donors have a direct impact on the lives and careers of these students. After all, one of these students may someday save your life or the life of someone you love.

For the 2018-2019 academic year, the scholarship committee awarded a total of $42,000 in scholarships to 23 students pursing health system related degrees.

The following students were named Foundation Scholars for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Student School Degree
Rhiannon Baker # ∞ Graceland University MSN – Family Nurse Practitioner
Amy Bass ∞ Oklahoma State University MS - Healthcare Admin
Hailey Blevins ∞ Rockhurst University DPT
Karen Brazeal # ∞ Oklahoma City University BSN
Sharon Brown % ∞ SWOSU MS Nursing Informatics
Kristi Cooksey + ∞ Graceland University MSN - FNP
Jennifer Davis & ∞ Oklahoma Panhandle State Univ. BSN
Stephen Drews ∞ SWOSU BSN
Starla Givens + # ∞ Frontier Nursing University Certified Nurse Midwife
Shanda Gower # ∞ Frontier Nursing University MSN - FNP
Bechy Hamel # ∞ Frontier Nursing University MSN - FNP
Paul Jones ∞ North Eastern State University BSN
Brent Lamb * ∞ Graceland University BSN - MSN
Malori Maynard + ∞ Chamberlain College MSN - FNP
Tracy Mills # ∞ Graceland University MSN - FNP
Maria Morales # ∞ Graceland University MSN - FNP
Leslie Padilla ∞ University of Texas BSN
Kourtney Sharp ∞ SWOSU BSN
Anthony Shelton % OUHSC MD
Courtney Smith & ∞ Oklahoma City University BSN
Travis Snow @ ∞ OCCC A DN
Cheryl Stoepker # ∞ Graceland University MSN - FNP
Lindsey Wiggins + # ∞ Graceland University MSN - FNP
* Chester L. & Maureen Bynum Scholar    
# Dana Wenthold Scholar    
& Durica Family Scholar    
+ Evanna Esadooah Scholar    
@ Lem Finlay Schola    
r% Spector Scholar    
∞ NRHS Employee    

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