Cardiovascular Care

Cardiovascular Care: When a heart attack happens, minutes matter. The campaign will fund a designated cath lab tailored to service patients experiencing emergent heart health distress!

  • Norman Regional completes more than 6,500 urgent, emergent, and elective heart Cath Lab procedures per year.
  • Norman Regional sees approximately 30 heart attack patients per month and sometimes as many as five in one day!
  • Currently, there are multiple rooms that hold procedure specific equipment. One patient may need the equipment from more than one room in emergent treatment. A room that houses all of the equipment needed to quickly treat the patient, requires a lot of space and an investment in technology. By specifically designating a Cath Lab for emergencies, patients would start care in a room where all the life-saving equipment they may need is available quickly.
  • All supplies are stocked in the room. For example, sterile packs are ready to open and tailored to physician and staff on call. The x-ray equipment is set up and programed for heart only (the other Cath Labs x-ray the heart as well as the head, kidneys, and legs).

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