Community Partnership: Norman Public Schools Health Program

Thanks to a partnership between Norman Public Schools (NPS), Norman Regional Health System (NRHS) and the Norman Regional Health Foundation, each of the 24 public schools in the Norman district is staffed with a Health Assistant or Nurse. This partnership funds health professionals so every student can have their medical needs met in a timely manner throughout the school day. NPS Nurses and Health Assistants care for more than 94,600 students annually.

School health professionals not only assist students with stomach ailments and sore throats, but they monitor medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, severe food allergies and seizure disorders. Because of the care that is able to be provided during the school day by the Nurses and Health Assistants, the stress of taking off work for parents is effectively eliminated. This partnership is a model health program striving for quality student health care and has been recognized throughout Oklahoma and the nation.

Telehealth Pilot Program
To enhance this health partnership, Norman Regional Health Foundation provided funding for three telemedicine tablets to support the Norman Regional Kids Virtual Care Pilot Program established during the 2018-19 academic year. Initially, Irving Middle School and Washington Elementary School hosted the pilot program with Norman North High School scheduled to go live spring 2019. Telehealth uses audio and video technology to connect students who visit the school nurse with a Norman Regional pediatrician, should the student need advanced medical care. Early results of the pilot program indicate 81% of students who have a virtual visit are able to return to class. Other benefits include providing timely medical diagnoses so children can begin medication immediately and return to the classroom earlier; and including parents on the virtual visit without leaving their home or workplace.

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